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An immense quantity of limestone with limekiln

03.26.1844 Village Record
Lot No. 2. Being the undivided half part of
half an acre of land, situated in Cedar hollow,
Tredyffrin township, and county aforesaid, bounded
by lands of Robert Todd and others. There
?? on this lot an immense quantity of limestone,
of the best quality, with limekilns convenient
Seized and taken in execution as the property
of Joseph Roberts, and to be sold by
Acting as Sheriff.
Coroner's Office, West Chester
March 19, 1844.
N.B. The Sheriff has made the following one of
the conditions of his sales of Real Estate, which
will be enforced in the sales of the above premises.
Fifty dollars of the price or sum at which
the property shall be struck off shall be paid to the
sheriff at the time of sale, (unless the purchase
money be less than that sum, in which case only
the purchase money shall be paid,) otherwise the
property will again be immediately put up and
[balance of article missing, but probable
language is] otherwise the property
will again be put up and sold. [language similar in doc504]

See the Philip Howell Patent for the deed history. See doc 393 for the background to this sale.

Found by Herb Fry. Digitized by Heidi Sproat 5/21/2022.

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