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J. G. Bull Saw Mill


In 1782 John G. Bull inherited a plantation from his grandfather, Lewis Gronow. He is first taxed for a sawmill in 1798 (Glass Tax returns). His property had Little Valley Creek running through the southwest corner, so that is probably the location of the sawmill. In 1816 he purchased St Peter’s Mill with Abram Phillips whom he bought out in 1824. After 1816 a sawmill appears at the St Peter’s Mill site in addition to the grist mill. It appears that John Bull moved the sawmill on his plantation to this site probably due to a more reliable water supply.

A detailed timeline for the Mill

  • 1782 John G. Bull inherits 165 acres from Lewis Gronow
  • 1798 John G. Bull owned a double geared saw mill on 164 acres, adjacent to Elizabeth Smith. (glass tax)
  • 1799 Sawmill, $200 (county tax)
  • 1800 Sawmill, $200 (county tax)
  • 1801 Sawmill, $200 (county tax)
  • 1802 Sawmill, $200 (county tax)
  • 1805 Sawmill (county tax)
  • 1810 Sawmill (county tax)
  • 1816 Jointly purchases St. Peter’s Mill with Abram Phillips (deed Q3-241)
  • 1824 Gains complete ownership of St. Peter’s Mill (deed X3-480)